At an early age Dean became fascinated with the outdoors, wildlife and the art of taxidermy. Growing up in Southern Maryland he started hunting small game on the farms around his house. He started bow-hunting in his early teens and quickly realized that bow-hunting whitetail deer was his passion.

In 1988 he began tinkering with taxidermy, mounting his first deer head. For years he struggled to get "the look" he so desired in his mounts. So he decided to get instruction from World Champion Joe Meder and take his taxidermy to the next level. After completing the courses with Joe, Deans work improved dramatically.

In 1992 he competed at the World Taxidermy Championship were he took Best in World Amateur with his whitetail mount. After years of studying deer and running his taxidermy studio, Dean competed at the 2001 NTA convention where he won the title of National Champion also capturing the coveted Award of Excellence at the same time. In 2003, at the World Taxidermy Championships he took 3rd in the World in the Masters Division.

Dean continues to strive for perfection in his Whitetail mounts. He now lives in LaPlata, MD where he owns and operates Creative Whitetail Taxidermy. He mounts all species of animals, but specializes in Whitetail Deer.